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“Advanced Muscle Recovery”: Stimulate muscle protein synthesis!

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Pool is suitable for:

  • Helps increase muscle mass and muscle strength in elderly subjects
  • Improves body composition by increasing fat free mass (ffm), muscle strength and prevents the loss in fat mass
  • Stimulates muscle protein synthesis, resulting in a positive protein balance


AMIZATE – Salmon Protein Hydrolysate


  • Pre-digested amino acids, bioactive peptides and micronutrients with high bioavailability and rapid absorption to enhance muscle anabolism and metabolic recovery.
  • POOL contains Amizate from Zymtech, Norway. It is a patented Protein Hydrolysate derived from Atlantic Salmon [Salmo salar] using endogenous hydrolytic enzymes. It comprises 21 Amino acids in free form, Bioactive Peptides and Micronutrients [i.e. Vitamins and minerals].
  • POOL contains trace elements and minerals which act as vital coenzymes and cofactors in cellular energy generation. Vitamins assist in increasing body strength and endurance.
  • It stimulates muscle protein synthesis and allows more efficient and speedy
    regeneration of proteins in the body.
  • POOL contains balanced amino acids which stimulates protein anabolism.
  • POOL exhibits a positive effect on motivation, emotion, behavior, stress, appetite and pain management.
  • It also shows strong immuno-modulatory effects. These effects may be due to enhanced macrophage activity and lymphocyte proliferation, natural killer cell activity and cytokine regulation.
  • (SPH) is hypothesized to influence lipid metabolism and to have anti-atherosclerotic and anti-inflammatory properties


  1. Raj
    5 out of 5

    Pool has helped me balance my protein levels and also increase my strength. Amazing product.

  2. Meeta
    4 out of 5

    The best supplement for meeting our protein needs and taking care of our muscles!

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