Enhances Virility Vitality & Fertility

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  • Generation and Maturation of sperm cells
  • Concentration Quality and Quantity of sperms
  • Promotes and Improves sperm cell mobility
  • Improves seminal quality and sexual function
  • Enhances stamina and endurance’s
  • Stimulate hormone production

L-Arginine, Zinc & Folic Acid Granules


  • Motil Help the body create healthier sperm, lowers the chances of
    producing abnormal sperm. Abnormal sperm are cells with chromosomal
    abnormalities can lead to male infertility, miscarriage and babies born with
    birth defects.
  • Motil has semi essential amino acid L-Arginine, a precursor to Nitric Oxide,
    a powerful neurotransmitter, which promotes smooth muscle relaxation
    and hence a vasodilator. It Helps arteries to relax and improve blood flow
    and thus helps erectile dysfunction
  • Motil stimulates the production of hormones involved in sexual
  • Motil contains Folic acid that is necessary in order to produce DNA and
    works to repair cells damaged by oxidative stress.
  • Zinc in Motil enhances sperm quality by scavenging the reactive oxygen


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