Here’s Why True Derma’s Sunscreen Is Best For Your Skin

Every time you step outside your home, whether on a rainy day, sunny day, or winter, your skin is vulnerable to sun damage. Natural sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) photons. They are high-energy photons when strike with your skin, generate free radicals, and damage your DNA. Long exposure to these UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin and cause skin cancer as well.

Sunscreens to Protect the Skin

Sunscreens are clinically tested protection layers against UV radiation. Applying sunscreen does not protect you from sun damage 100% but they allow you to be outdoors for a longer time before the effect wears out.









A quick guide to SPF

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is a measurement of how well the sunscreen protects the skin against ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. A Higher SPF number means greater protection for ultraviolet rays.

A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 blocks about 97% of UVB rays. Likewise, True Derma’s Luxurious Sunscreen has an SPF of 50. It blocks about 98% of UVB rays!

In addition, True Derma’s sunscreen is water-resistant. This means the sunscreen protects you while swimming, sweating, or during rain.

A good sunscreen should offer:

  • Water Resistant Feature, and
  • An SPF of 30 or higher

Understanding PA+++ 

If you have a close look at our sunscreen, you’ll notice there is a strange marking ‘PA+++’. Now, what does this mean and why is it relevant? Let’s discover below!

PA stands for ‘Protection Grade of UVA’. It is a rating system for ultraviolet A protection. It is fairly important to look for a PA rating in the label as SPF measures the protection against UVB whereas PA measures the protection against UVA.

  • PA+ = Some UVA protection
  • PA++ = Moderate UVA protection
  • PA+++ = High UVA protection
  • PA++++ = Extremely High UVA protection

True Derma’s Sunscreen contains an SPF of 50 and has a PA+++ rating. This is a good combination of protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This sunscreen is designed to protect you from harmful sun damage for a longer period of time outdoors.

How to Apply the True Derma’s Sunscreen

If you’re going to use sunscreen, you better choose the right one and apply it the right way. Below is an easy guideline for you to apply sunscreen to nurture its full benefit.

  • Apply the sunscreen to all areas that are exposed to direct sunlight. This includes the neck, ears, arms, etc.
  • Use at least an ounce of sunscreen to cover the exposed areas.
  • Apply to dry skin about 15-30 minutes before heading outdoors. This lets the sunscreen cover your skin effectively.
  • Although True Derma’s SPA is 50 with PA+++, reapply it every 2 hours while outside.
  • Reapply more often if you’re swimming.
  • It is recommended that you also protect your lips with a lip balm with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Sunscreens are meant to protect the skin from harmful sun rays that can cause permanent damage to your skin. It is always better to take safety precautions against UV rays.

Although all sunscreen protects your skin from these rays, we recommend you choose the one with higher SPF, higher PA rating, and is water-resistant as it is more practical while you’re doing outdoor activities.

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