Why using Cosmeceutical Products are better than Cosmetic Products.

Our skin is made up of three layers, the Epidermis. The Dermis, and the Hypodermis.

The epidermis is the outermost layer of our skin that creates our skin tone as well as provides a waterproof barrier. The dermis is the layer beneath the epidermis and it contains hair follicles, sweat glands, and tough connective tissue.

And finally comes the hypodermis which is a deeper subcutaneous tissue that is made up of fat and connective tissue.

To protect our skin we use so many different products in our lifetime. We spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic products and surgeries just so we can protect and maintain our youthful looking skin forever.

But have we ever thought about or tried to know what ingredients do the products we use on a daily basis contain? And how is it making any difference to our skin?

The Downside of Cosmetic Products.

Without giving a second thought, just because an ad said that the product they’re selling will help reduce the age lines or give you a whiter, fairer looking skin, we will buy them because (a) they’ve “promised” you a fairer, whiter skin with no acne scars or marks and (b) it’s easily available either a drug store or a convenient store.

But the problem with these cosmetics and commercialized products are they don’t normally work as they advertise.

Cosmetic products are the products are the type of products you apply on the outer surface area of your skin.

They can maintain, clean, protect, change the appearance of, and add fragrance to the applied area without actually modifying it.

Cosmetic products act only on the surface and cannot pass through the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (the area between epidermis and dermis).

These products don’t normally have active ingredients. And even if they do, it might not be scientifically proven or in a correct delivery system.

They are off-the-shelf, over the counter product that is widely accessible. But these products are not suggested by a dermatologist.

Cosmetics might smell and feel good on skin but they might work just for a few hours as they don’t work on a deeper level and don’t have a lasting effect on a healthy skin.

But that isn’t the case with cosmeceutical products. The word cosmeceutical is the hybrid of the words “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical”.

Why use Cosmeceutical?

Cosmeceutical products contain active ingredients which are able to penetrate the epidermis.

These products are not usually classified as a drug despite having highly active principles.

They work on a deeper level as they are scientifically developed to produce fast-acting, noticeable, and impressive results.

The benefits of cosmeceutical product are that it corrects skin and penetrates its surface, i.e. passes through the dermal-epidermal junction.

It promotes changes on a cellular level and improves skin for a long term.

Other benefits of cosmeceutical products are it reduces acne severity, skin aging, re-hydrates skin, promotes healthy radiant complexion, and reduces sun damage.

Cosmeceutical products are not easily available. They are, but only in dermatologists, paramedical skin clinics, and medi-spas. And they are prescribed by skin professionals.

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